Free Search Engine Optimization

SEO is basically belongs to optimization of a website. And it related to highlight your website in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing Etc… These are major search engines in the web world and these may rank your website according to your website worth and authentically and reliability and also the content major part of your website.

Here are some of points that you need to consider before doing. so Let me discuss here about Search Engine Optimization major points And We are at GCS web Solutions Providing High Quality SEO Services in Ludhiana Punjab And almost we have clients in India and abroad.

  1. The Domain Selection.
  2. Keyword Selection
  3. On page Optimization
  4. Internal Linking

Free Search Engine Optimization sounds like greats. Six years ago when I first started running website business ventures, I was under the impression that Search Engine Optimization was an expensive process only available to businesses with big budgets. Here’s the reason why, the great thing and major purpose of marketing a website online is to convert prospects to your website easier, faster, and with a higher conversion rate. It’s very difficult to get people to remember your website when advertising offline. Not to mention, most people don’t walk around with a computer on them so they can’t go to your website immediately.

I babbled on about that experience to hopefully inspire you to have confidence in free search engine optimization. If you want to optimize your website for free, article marketing is the best way to go. Article marketing has proven itself to be quite effective. It’s effective for me personally as well as for my clients. Article marketing is not exactly a close kept secret of mine. Many internet marketers use article marketing to get immediate traffic to their website, get, maintain, and keep one-way anchor texted backlinks, and optimize their website for the search engines.

Article marketing requires three small steps to success and they are as follows:

Step 1: Find Keywords

Keywords are the most important step in any search engine optimization campaign or strategy. You will need to find keywords that you would like your website to appear in search engines for. I use They have a free keyword tool that allows you to type a broad keyword phrase and it gives you 100 narrowed keywords.

Step 2: Write Articles

Now that you have your keywords, you need to begin writing your articles. There are some very important things to keep in mind when writing articles. When writing articles be sure you are not rambling on about your product, service, or site. This is irritating for the reader and article directories will reject the article and ban you from their directory. When writing articles make sure you provide value and give people information they otherwise may not have known. Quality is key. If you need an example just look at the style and format of this article you are reading now. I’m not outright soliciting my site. I’m providing you with what I believe to be important and beneficial information. (at least I think it is)

Step 3: Submit Articles

Now this is the fun and also dreadful part. Submitting articles can be a pain because it takes so long. It can take up to 10 hours just to submit 5 articles depending on how many directories you submit to. One the subject of directories, I recommend submitting to at least 100 – 200 article directories. This provides maximum back linking and Search Engine Optimization benefits.

I hope this article about free search engine optimization has been helpful for you.