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We at GCS Web Solutions offers Web Site Development with quality of service and support we are known in the field of web development since 2006 and we offers and developed different-2 web applications for corporate and government projects in different-2 sectors. Our major achievement is as per our work we have clients in India USA UK and Australia. Here we would like to discuss with you some of major web development points.


Planning is a most important part of the Web Site Development. It is very helpful for creating the website. The users create the plan for creating the website.


The web development is creating the website for the internet. It can be include web design, web content, web server and e-commerce development. web development create the page simple and more complex.


Construction is help the Online Communication Services, the Business Unit can now:

  • • It is applicable and arranges to have the sub web created.
  • • It is register the staff for web publishing training.
  • • Begin adding content to the new website


Its creation and to ensure that the web presence stays relevant, and it’s content

remains current, the following actions are recommended:

  • • Develop a marketing plan to let users know that the project, Business Unit or

Service Group is now online.

  • • Update the website content regularly to ensure accuracy and relevancy
  • • Check all links to external sites (including other DECS Units) on a regular basis to

ensure they’re still working using Page Review functionality.

  • • Develop networks with other complimentary websites and staff


Good websites are not marketing tools or online business cards detailing organizational bureaucracy such as roles and responsibilities. Good websites help their customers perform work-related tasks quickly and efficiently.  At times this may not be a Business Unit’s core responsibilities but it will be more appreciated by customers than

Organization-centric information like organizational structures or detailed implementation plans. Once these tasks are identified, information architecture and content can be created. Content that is not relevant to any tasks performed by a majority of customers is not necessary on a Business Units’ website.


Having established the information architecture requirements, the next step is to develop a ‘map’ of the information. If there is no clear sense of order most customers will not

Use/revisit the site more than once. Information should be organized in a hierarchy, relative to the customer’s needs. A hierarchy is probably the best way to organize complex bodies of information, in terms of navigating website, as most users will be familiar and comfortable with this type of structure.


Content is most important part of the Web Site Development. Content is composed of various structural elements that are used to inform customers about the website they are visiting. Content can be made up of text, images, and links to documents or other websites.


When linking to or uploading any document on a Unit’s website, Publishers should ensure that the following points are taken into account:

  • • All documents made available online are the most current version
  • • Links to resources and sites located within documents (Word & PDF files) are


  • • Files larger than 2MB in size are specified as such as part of the hyperlink text.
  • • The file name is not long.
  • • It is good practice, but not essential, to use all lowercase for filenames


Websites require regular review, particularly to keep the content relevant and up-to-date. Where no changes are apparent or required, the modification date must be updated to reflect that the content has been reviewed and is considered current. Online Communication Services has implemented the Page and Document Review Functionality which will advise page owners and website administrators through automated emails whenever content currency review has not been undertaken. Information must be reliable, concise and consistent with publication standards. The following dot points are taken from the Content Review Checklist that should be completed at each

  • • Information and contact details for the Service Group and/or Business Units represented via the sub web are correct and up-to-date.
  • • All inaccurate, out of date information, empty pages and “under construction” pages are removed from web pages.
  • • A valid email address is used in the footer of the sub web pages for customers to contact the Service Group and Business Unit.
  • • Links to resources and sites located within documents (Word & PDF files) are correct.
  • • The “external link disclaimer” has been added to all external non-DECS links.
  • • All hyperlinks are checked regularly and any broken links are either removed or corrected.
  • • All documents made available online must be the most current version.
  • • Appropriate key words are included via Page Maintenance.
  • • All Date is Modified in the footer of all web pages.


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