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Bulk sms is a solution for sms campaign to promote your business. It provides sms software to send Group SMS throughout inIndia.Bulk sms provide the advertisement to  for Sms marketing or advertisement through bulk sms. The Bulk sms software can send sms directly from EXCEL. We provide the gateway for sending the sms . Bulk sms services are used by many corporate, stock brokers and financial institutes etc .Mobile population has exceeded Internet population. Mobile/SMS is now clearly becoming the most leading marketing strategy. The population of 80 million mobile users and continuously growing has madeMobile/SMS Marketing as the vital marketing tool. Normally the rules of the SMS marketing differ from Email Marketing. Usually most of the mobile users read the message which explains the high level response. SMS Marketing response is twice the average of direct email marketing It is one of the cost effective solutions to reach a larger base of target Customers for the following Promotion / Discount / Sale New Products & Services Launch Events / Workshops / Seminars News Letter & Information Service We have huge and sophisticated email database and mobile numbers where you choose your potential customers on following filter criteria Newsletters New product introduction Event invitations Business conference. The various  Bulk sms services..

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  1. Web Based Bulk SMS Software: It offers extremely robust & technologically advanced web-based two-way Bulk sms services, empowering our clients to communicate with their target audience in a cost effective way instantly.
  2. Bulk SMS Excel Plug-in: Bulk sms excel plug-in is easy to download. Download & Install Bulk sms Excel Plug-in to send different SMS to different mobile number in one go and send SMS directly from the excel sheet.
  3. SMS Gateway API (HTTP, SMPP, etc.): It is integrated 2-way Bulk sms services with websites, ERP/CRM Solutions or any other applications to send out automated Bulk SMS Alerts and Request-Response SMS Services.

Bulk sms marketing

It’s easy to use of a bulk sms India just an effective marketing tool. It is a way of pushing sales messages to prospects and customers. You can overlook a whole range of other ways that aBulk sms services might be useful in your organization. Perhaps the least used application for a business sms service is as a way of communicating with members of staff, particularly those that are home based. SMS is a very effective way of getting out an urgent piece of information, with minimum time and in the shortest time possible. The text service reminds drivers that using a phone while driving is dangerous and not acceptable, even when using hands free. Implementing such a significant change to the way employees work on a day to day basis needed an innovative way of getting the message across in a forceful and memorable way. SMS has a way of cutting through like no other communication. If you’re planning on using Bulk sms slowly as a way of keeping in touch with staff, then the costs will be very low indeed. Accounts are free to set up and come with 10 free text credits so that you can test the service at no costs. You can buy exactly the number of text message credits that you need for your sms alert, so they’ll be no wastage. If you haven’t already set up a free Bulk sms account, you can do so here. The system itself is very easy to use and has been developed with marketers, not IT people in mind.

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