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IVR Service

Route calls intelligently. Pick the sequence in which your agents receive calls…

Get up to 10 expansions and 10 specialists for every expansion multi-dialect IVR helps you serve clients from any piece of the world. Not accessible? Empower voice message. If you appreciate, you can search your own luck from online pokies australia reviews. Have a meeting? Get on a telephone call.

More Features

Portable App

Through a pop-up, get the history and profile of the individual calling you. Listen to recordings and manufacture your business pipe — straight from your versatile.

JustDial Integration

Leads passed on to you by JustDial get overhauled in your contact list. Also? You can even have a click-to-call catch there.

SMS Integration

All instant messages sent to your SuperReceptionist number are put away in one spot and can even be gotten to via email.


Incorporate the Click-to-Call catch in your email and commercial crusades to quantify ROI independently, or place it on your site to make it more intuitive, and simple for a guest to get in contact

Multi-Agent Access

Isolates obligation and permits your officials to get to their call logs actually when you’re not accessible.

Call Recording

Each call you make or get is recorded. So observing the nature of your client bolster or breaking down calls from clients and prospects is as simple as pushing a catch.

Bound together Management

Include or erase sending numbers, access logs and recordings, listen to voice messages and change your call settings from a solitary board.


You can decide to get email and SMS cautions for calls that couldn’t be addressed or actually for new voice messages and faxes.

CRM Integration

It’s capacity to coordinate consistently with your current CRM, for example, FreshDesk, Salesforce and Zendesk, guarantees that your records are constantly a la mode.

Outbound Calling

Each call made through your SuperReceptionist number is recorded and matched up with your CRM. Listen to past discussions of operators and clients, at whatever time.

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