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Comfee Mini portable washing machine Folding washer for baby clothes socks underwear travel camping laundry small home appliance


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1 、 a healthier life: the mini washing machine can wash underwear separately the rest of linen, to reduce problems allergies.
2 、 space saving: after folding, its height is only 96mm, as one of a laptop. Ce mini washing machine can be tidy in a corner or under a cabinet.
3 、 easy to carry for traveling, camping, stays in dormitory, etc.: this mini washing machine, the size of a laptop, can be placed in a suitcase or in the car during a trip or stay in camping, this is an advantage to free the hands in holiday.
4 、 ease of use: the single control panel, with only four buttons, you can use it very easily.
5 、 energy saving: does finish washing in no time saves water and electricity.

The second washing machine family which ensures a lifetime sanitary

Do you know that wash underwear, socks and other items together can cause allergy? This laundry foldable is a second washing machine which can wash underwear separately other clothing, what helps ensure a healthier life.

Mini Washing Machine which saves energy

If you wash as underwear in a washing machine 8 kg, you waste electricity and water. Ce mini washing machine can wash underwear or small items in no time (5-10-15 minutes) and control the water consumption. Less water and less time wash could save more energy.

Material heat resistant and enhancing performance wash

This washing machine campact is made with a heat resistant material, what helps ℃ 60 hot water to wash your underwear. The hot water wash enhances not only the effect of washing, but also sterilizes your clothes.

Another choice for dormitory

The laundry is not sufficiently clean for your underwear. Ce mini washing machine was designed specially to wash underwear, socks and T-shirts. Three programs (5-10-15 minutes) can be used for washing and rinsing. In addition, after being folded, it becomes as compact as a laptop and you can the ranger easily under your bed.

Foldable design saves space

After folding, its depth of only 40mm, just like one size laptop, that could be row in the corner or under the closet, saves your space

Its compact size makes her carrying travel or camping

When we set off go camping, it’s annoying wash clothes. I can hand wash, or bring all dirty clothes at home. Now, this washing machine compact can be washed away easily outdoors. Once folded, its size matches as a laptop which one can put in a suitcase, and one can wash underwear, socks and T-shirts Time wanted. This is a genuine advantage for me free the hands in holiday.

High efficiency motor

The motor high efficiency saves energy, reduce the noise and prolong the service time

Design reflected that procure a better experience

Water can be évacuée easily through the pipe concealed in the background. The waterproof button allows simple use.

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Dimensions of package

‎ 40.79×34.7×10.7 cm


‎ 0.8 kg

Installation Type


Loading Type

‎Charge top


‎ 40 Watts


‎ 2.3 kg


  • Brand Name: COMFEE
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE,RoHS,WEEE
  • Type: Small home appliance & Mini portable drinking machine
  • Color: Green
  • Language: English
  • Capacity: 0.8kg
  • Net/Big Wight: 2.3/3kg
  • Rated power: 40W
  • Application: For Baby cloths & Socks & Underwear
  • Application scenarios: Home & Travel & Camping & Dormitory
  • Features: Mini & Portable & Folding & Quick Flash

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