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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared on Wednesday that Israel’s ongoing conflict with Hamas would persist, even in the face of “painful losses” in ground fighting within the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu’s statement came after the Israeli military confirmed that at least 11 soldiers had been killed in ground combat on Tuesday. While the conflict has taken a toll on Israeli forces, Netanyahu emphasized the importance of their sacrifices, stating, “We have so many important achievements, but also painful losses. We know that every soldier of ours is an entire world.”
The situation remains complex, with conflicting reports from both sides. Israel claimed to have eliminated a Hamas commander in an airstrike, but Hamas denied that any of its military leaders were killed in the attack. Palestinian authorities asserted that 50 civilians lost their lives in the same attack.
This announcement follows a series of events, including Hamas’s abduction of around 240 people on October 7, when their terrorists launched attacks on Israeli cities, resulting in the deaths of 1400 people, including women and children. However, the group has since released four civilians, including two American citizens. The Israeli forces have also successfully rescued a soldier from Hamas’ captivity.
The conflict between Israel and Hamas continues to be a matter of international concern, with ongoing developments on both sides.