Director Milind Dhaimade Reminisces About Battling Depression and Labels His Short Film as a Cathartic Experience

In a Special Conversation with Hindustan Times, Milind Dhaimade Discusses His Recent Short Film ‘Mai’ Screened at MAMI Film Festival. Renowned filmmaker Milind Dhaimade, acclaimed for ‘Tu Hai Mera Sunday,’ delves into the creative process behind his latest project, exploring the connection between food and maternal figures, as he shares insights and more during an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times. The 40-minute film stars Kunaal Roy Kapur and Shahana Goswami in leading roles and is a part of the anthology ‘Lost and Found.’ (Also Read: Agra Director Kanu Behl on Audience Preferences and Gatekeepers)

Discussing the genesis of ‘Mai,’ Milind shared, “Sometime back, Honey Trehan reached out to me and informed me about an anthology they were curating. They had invited a few directors to create short films centered around the theme of ‘lost and found.’ I was going through a rather low period in my life, not particularly engaged in anything. So, during that time, I crafted the short film ‘Mai’ based on the given theme.” Milind expressed his excitement when the film was chosen for screening at MAMI, emphasizing the immense joy of seeing one’s work on a big screen.

He further explained, “When Honey approached me for ‘Mai,’ I was grappling with a significant challenge – I was in the midst of clinical depression and my mental state was quite precarious. Despite my initial inclination to decline, I agreed. Looking back, the journey of ‘Mai’ became a form of therapy for me. It managed to rescue me from the depths of despair I was experiencing, serving as a profound catharsis. Therefore, ‘Mai’ holds a very special place in my heart.”