Malayalam Actress Dr. Priya Passes Away Due to Cardiac Arrest While 8 Months Pregnant, According to Reports

Priya, a well-known Malayalam television actress celebrated for her role in “Karuthamuthu,” had taken a hiatus from her acting career after tying the knot. Unfortunately, on Wednesday, she passed away due to a sudden cardiac arrest at a private hospital. Tragically, this incident occurred when she was eight months pregnant, and as per reports from NDTV, her baby is currently in the intensive care unit.

It was reported that Priya had recently undergone a routine pregnancy check-up, and her sudden demise has left the industry and her fans in shock. Actor Kishor Satya took to Instagram to share the heartbreaking news, expressing his sorrow over yet another unexpected loss in the Malayalam television sector.

Kishor Satya’s message read, “One more unexpected death in the Malayalam television sector. Dr. Priya died of cardiac arrest yesterday. She was 8 months pregnant. The baby is in the ICU. There were no other health issues.” He further added, “The mother who is crying, unable to accept the death of her only daughter. The pain of her husband Nanna, who stood by Priya for six months without going anywhere. Last night, while on the way to the hospital, the sight of sadness cast a shadow over my mind.”

The news of Priya’s sudden demise has cast a pall of sadness over the Malayalam television industry and her loved ones, as they grapple with this devastating loss.