Amazon Brand – Solimo 2000/1000 Watts Room Heater with Adjustable Thermostat (ISI certified, White colour, Ideal for small to medium room/area)

Original price was: ₹2000.Current price is: ₹499.

Stay warm and cozy with the Solimo 2000/1000 Watts Room Heater. This ISI certified heater, in a sleek white color, is ideal for small to medium-sized rooms. With an adjustable thermostat, it provides customizable warmth for your comfort.

Experience comfort in chilly weather with the Solimo 2000/1000 Watts Room Heater. This reliable and efficient room heater is ISI certified, ensuring safety and quality. Its sleek white design adds a touch of modernity to your space. Perfect for small to medium-sized rooms, this heater is designed to keep you warm during the cold seasons.

The adjustable thermostat feature allows you to personalize the warmth according to your preferences, providing a comfortable environment for relaxation or productivity. The heater operates at two power settings, 2000 watts for rapid heating and 1000 watts for energy-efficient warmth, giving you flexibility in managing power consumption.

Safety is a top priority, and the Solimo Room Heater comes equipped with essential safety features. The ISI certification guarantees compliance with stringent safety standards, and the heater includes overheat protection, ensuring worry-free operation.

Compact and portable, this room heater can be easily moved to different areas of your home as needed. Whether you’re working in your home office, watching TV in the living room, or sleeping in the bedroom, the Solimo Room Heater provides a reliable source of heat.


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