COMFYHOME 78CM 2000/1000 Watts Room Heater for Home with Remote, 12H Timer, Overheat & Tip-Over Protection, ISI Approved, PTC Ceramic Electric Fan Heater Ideal for Small and Medium Area up to 330sq.ft

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Stay warm and cozy with the COMFYHOME 78CM Room Heater. This powerful 2000/1000 Watts electric fan heater is equipped with a remote control, 12-hour timer, overheat protection, and tip-over safety features. ISI approved and powered by PTC ceramic technology, it’s perfect for small to medium spaces up to 330 sq.ft.

Introducing the COMFYHOME 78CM Room Heater, a reliable companion for chilly days and nights. Designed with your comfort in mind, this electric fan heater boasts a robust heating capacity of 2000/1000 Watts, ensuring a quick and efficient warming experience. The inclusion of a convenient remote control allows you to adjust the temperature and settings from the comfort of your couch or bed.

Equipped with a 12-hour timer, this room heater offers customizable heating schedules to suit your lifestyle, providing warmth exactly when you need it. Safety is a top priority, and the COMFYHOME heater is loaded with protective features. The overheat protection ensures that the unit automatically shuts off if it reaches an unsafe temperature, preventing accidents and promoting peace of mind. Additionally, the tip-over protection feature safeguards against accidental knocks or falls, further enhancing the safety profile.

This room heater is ISI approved, meeting stringent safety and performance standards, assuring you of its quality and reliability. The advanced PTC ceramic technology not only delivers efficient heating but also ensures durability and longevity.

Ideal for small to medium areas up to 330 sq.ft, this heater is versatile enough to be your go-to solution for bedrooms, offices, or any space where a reliable heating source is needed. Its compact design allows for easy placement, and the fan function enables year-round use, providing a cooling breeze during warmer seasons.

Upgrade your comfort with the COMFYHOME 78CM Room Heater, combining functionality, safety, and efficiency in one sleek package.


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