Death Note Black Edition

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“Death Note Black Edition is a compelling manga series combining volumes 1-6 in a sleek omnibus format. Follow the intense cat-and-mouse game between Light Yagami and the enigmatic detective L as they grapple with the power of the Death Note, a supernatural notebook that grants the ability to kill by name.”

The Death Note Black Edition combines the iconic manga series into a sleek, two-in-one omnibus format, presenting Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata’s masterpiece in a visually striking and collector-friendly edition. This edition seamlessly merges the thrilling narrative of Light Yagami’s descent into the dark world of the Death Note with Obata’s intricate artwork, highlighting the psychological intensity of the cat-and-mouse game between Light and the enigmatic detective L. The stark black cover design enhances the ominous atmosphere of the series, underscoring the moral ambiguity and consequences of wielding the Death Note’s supernatural power. This edition not only offers a compact and visually arresting way to experience the complete Death Note saga but also serves as a coveted collector’s item for fans of the groundbreaking manga.


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