Dragon Ball Super – Vol. 5


Dragon Ball Super Vol. 5 continues the epic saga as Goku and his allies face new formidable foes, exploring the multiverse and uncovering the mysteries of the gods. With stunning battles, unexpected alliances, and the fate of entire universes at stake, this volume delivers non-stop action and excitement.

Dragon Ball Super Volume 5 continues the epic saga of Goku and his friends as they face new and formidable challenges. The volume delves into the intense battles of the Tournament of Power, a high-stakes competition that pits Universe 7 against powerful warriors from other universes. As the fate of entire universes hangs in the balance, Goku pushes his limits to unlock new levels of power, introducing fans to dazzling transformations and awe-inspiring combat sequences.

The narrative also explores the intricate dynamics between the diverse array of characters, delving into their motivations and alliances in the face of impending doom. Volume 5 not only showcases the breathtaking battles but also delves into the emotional depths of the characters as they grapple with the consequences of their actions. The artwork continues to impress, capturing the energy and intensity of the battles while conveying the emotional nuances of the characters.

With its mix of intense action, emotional depth, and stunning visuals, Dragon Ball Super Volume 5 is a must-read for fans of the iconic series, offering a thrilling continuation of the beloved Dragon Ball universe.


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