Rat Queens Volume 3: Demons

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“Demons” not only propels the overarching narrative forward but also explores the complexities of friendship, loyalty, and self-discovery. As the Rat Queens confront external and internal threats, readers are treated to a rollercoaster of emotions, unexpected twists, and a generous dose of irreverent humor. This volume stands as a testament to the series’ ability to seamlessly blend fantasy storytelling with relatable and authentic character development.

“Rat Queens Volume 3: Demons” takes readers on a thrilling and chaotic adventure in the fantasy world of Palisade. Written by Kurtis J. Wiebe with art by Tess Fowler, this graphic novel continues the epic saga of the Rat Queens, a diverse group of foul-mouthed, formidable mercenaries.

In this volume, the Rat Queens find themselves confronted by a new and ominous threat: demons. As demonic forces descend upon Palisade, our heroines must confront their own inner demons and navigate the complex relationships that bind them together. The storyline delves into the characters’ backstories, shedding light on their personal struggles and adding depth to their personalities.

The artwork by Tess Fowler brings the world of Palisade to vivid life, capturing the frenetic energy of the Rat Queens’ battles and the darker, supernatural elements they face. The graphic novel maintains its signature blend of humor, wit, and action, making it a compelling and entertaining read for fans of fantasy and adventure.


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