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“The Door PB” in the Tom and Jerry Comics series unfolds a whimsical and chaotic adventure between the iconic cat and mouse duo, Tom and Jerry. Set against the backdrop of their perennially antagonistic relationship, the story kicks off when the mischievous Jerry discovers a mysterious door in their cartoon world. As the plot thickens, the door becomes a portal to a dimension filled with unpredictable twists and turns.

“The Door” is a delightful addition to the Tom and Jerry Comics series, presented in paperback format. This whimsical tale captures the timeless charm of the iconic cat-and-mouse duo, Tom and Jerry. As they navigate a world filled with humor and mishaps, a mysterious door becomes the focal point of their misadventures. The narrative unfolds with a perfect blend of slapstick comedy and clever wit, showcasing the classic rivalry that fans adore. The vibrant illustrations bring the characters to life, complementing the engaging storyline. “The Door” promises an entertaining journey for readers of all ages, encapsulating the essence of the beloved animated series. Dive into this comical escapade with Tom and Jerry, where every turn of the page unveils a new twist in their comically chaotic escapades.


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