What is Smart IVR?

Smart IVR is an undertaking evaluation cloud interchanges stage that powers a portion of the best-known brands in developing markets. From cloud-based call focuses that process a huge number of calls an hour to lead administration frameworks that coordinate progressively with CRM to group assembly frameworks that achieve several millions, Smart IVR has done it all. Also, all the many-sided quality of running these gigantic frameworks is totally preoccupied . You should simply give your necessities.

  • Customise any call flow
  • Personalize sales and customer support
  • Run 24/7/365
  • Integrate with any CRM or ERP
  • Access thousands of virtual numbers

How It Works

Smart IVR dwells in and works from the world’s most dependable distributed computing stage, with inbuilt instruments for come up short over, excess and reinforcement. You may take a get-away, however SmartIVR never will. With its auto-scaling gimmick, arranging gets to be easy amid top burden hours.

It packs in effective and best in class call administration peculiarities and designs that guarantee that calls go to one side individual. Additionally, Knowlarity’s specialists help you make a custom answer for particularly perplexing situations.

Smart IVR gives the innovation to execute complex IVR activities through a virtual number. The IVR made is executed amid calls. Clients can teach the IVR to perform a large group of activities including digit catch, voice catch, sound play, call exchange and numerous more.

Arrangement Overview

An IVR call stream can be made for approaching and in addition cordial calls. For approaching calls, Knowlarity gives telephone numbers which can be distributed to the IVR streams. Various numbers can be assigned to a client’s approaching IVR. It could be a portable number, a vanity number or a national or global without toll number, contingent upon the client’s prerequisite. Cordial calls can be planned through APIs gave by Knowlarity or through screen inputs through Web application login gave to the client.

The Technology

Smart IVRs are made utilizing an IVR visual studio. This guarantees that a call stream is effectively outlined and intelligible to the client. IVR visual studio gives the force of WYSWYG (What You See is What You Get). The IVRs are accumulated in Python programming dialect.

Knowlarity’s IVR permits dynamic endeavor database incorporation and in-memory execution, which permits better call control and adaptability than the IVR engineer with access to full programming dialect/environment amid a call. That is not accessible in VXML or Twiml. SmartIVR is good with VXML and Twiml, and in the meantime better than them.

Tweak Any Call Flow

Smart IVR is perfect for any organization that needs one- or two-route correspondence with its partners to guarantee finishing or productivity of any business process. These could be firms included in computerized or portable promoting, online classifieds, e-business, internet shopping, logistics, BPO and health awareness, or franchisee-based associations.

Help Sales & Customer Support

With zero capital venture, versatility and a pay-every utilization model, SmartIVR can support your organization’s business, showcasing and client care. Its powerful and adaptable cloud-based stage can be changed to meet your novel voice-based correspondence necessities.

Smart IVR Features

Basically, this is what Smart IVR can do: robotize call focuses, coordinate telephony to your CRM, bolster work area and other venture applications, track leads created from advertising crusades, gather input and information through robotized outbound calls, send suggestions to clients and empower voice intuitiveness on sites.

On the off chance that you have a moment, here is the rundown.

Run every minute of every day/365

Smart IVR dwells in and works from the world’s most dependable distributed computing stage, with inbuilt components for come up short over, repetition and reinforcement. You may take an excursion, yet Smart IVR never will.

1) Call Recordings

It records each call and makes it available. Every call is scrambled and put away for information security. SmartIVR helps measure and enhance current business methods and stay informed regarding client collaborations.

2) Conference

It gives a stable gathering framework that helps groups sitting in distinctive areas be in contact without breaking a sweat. It is sponsored by a strong cloud telephony stage, which gives similarity to run numerous gatherings on the same approaching number.

3) Number of Your Choice

It gives approaching numbers to 65+ nations, which issues you the chance to achieve your clients over the globe. Distinctive numbers can be doled out flawlessly utilizing APIs.

4) Call Logs

It gives live status of every call got by your specialists. Peculiarities, for example, begin time, call span, call recordings and different parameters help in building rich examination to study client conduct. Call log is anything but difficult to concentrate utilizing APIs and can be incorporated with the current applications for educated choice making.

5) Call Queues

Oversee and course extensive volumes of inbound telephone calls without breaking a sweat by alterably directing calls to one side line, making tweaked hold up encounters and getting access to constant call insights to help arrange the operators assignment.

6) API Integration

SmartIVR is packaged with a situated of effective APIs that are easy to use. It could be sending all call records into CRM, bringing approaching numbers amid a live call or changing call appropriation settings.

7) Call Distribution

It offers the adaptability of moving approaching brings in consecutive, parallel and round-robin way. Set-up call appropriation rationale in light of guest ID, timings and topography. Guarantee client calls are taken care of in the most productive way, and diminish holding up time.

8) Automated Speech Recognition

ASR gives the adaptability to catch guest inputs from discourse notwithstanding key-press. ASR can help lessen IVR holding up time by letting clients achieve their wanted choice. ASR likewise helps in situations where client voice affirmation is vital for validating an exchange.

9) Text-to-Speech

Computerize client bolster utilizing SmartIVR’s intense content to-discourse (TTS) characteristic. This peculiarity recognizes guests by their names and peruses out their messages via telephone with no human backing. This gives a warm and customized touch to a business call.

10) Customized Multilevel IVR

SmartIVR offers the adaptability to robotize business forms on the telephone. Set up custom menus and a mixed bag of call steering alternatives for operators to handle client questions. Clients can get to different administrations over the IVR without actually talking with the operators. This aides in enhancing the specialists’ profit. Multi-level IVRs can be created to direct clients to different offices.